Coco DeVille

CoCo DeVille Microblading Specialist and Body ArtistBorn on November 16, 1978, here in Buffalo New York. CoCo is a Mother of three amazing kids. Rayna (16), and stepmom to Reese (21) and Morgan (20)!

Coco has been piercing for three years locally and loves it! Finally finding where she wants to be in life. Throughout the years she has been working full-time jobs that she was never fond of, jobs that never fulfilled who she felt she was. Always wanting something better and to work for herself, in her own business! In 2013 she met the love of her life, an extremely talented and smart tattoo artist. At this time Coco was a full-time dental assistant for 13 years. Soon enough she was fortunate to start apprenticing for piercing alongside her fiancée while he laid down some sick ink!

Having a medical background for years had paid off in starting a new career in the piercing field.

Now in 2016, over three years later, she’s part owner and a full-time piercer at the Lucky DeVille Tattoo Company.

Needless to say, Coco is now one happy, and lucky, lady thankful for every waking day.